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We are about to launch a print on demand platform that makes it simple and easy to create and sell customized versions of products people use every day.

But it’s not the same as the others out there.  In the next few minutes, I’m going to cover:

  • How this came about
  • What we’ve done
  • What is about to launch
  • What new tweaks are coming that are incredibly-game-changing in the industry –
  • And how you can be a part of it (or if you already are, how to ensure your active spot).

First, I want to briefly tell you how this came about, especially if you’ve never heard of me or our system before.

If you’ve followed me any time in the past few years, you already know this – but for those who don’t, let me explain a bit about me and why I created this… and exactly what we’ve created.

Not just that, but how I’ve just taken it to an even higher level than ANYONE thought possible. Don’t worry – I’ll keep it short ;).

I started online ​over 21 years ago – in May of 1997. I was a stay at home mom and due to the high costs of daycare and other factors, it wasn’t practical for me to go out to work. So I started my business, and… I started making money in my first month.

That really doesn’t matter a whole lot except to say, I am not a newbie by ANY means online.

Now – let me clarify – I’m NOT about to show you anything you need for time management or organizing. But for the next few minutes, I’m going to explain to you how this came about.

So about 10 years after I started working online… in 2007 I found myself completely overwhelmed. Not only was I running my business, but I was also – as many of you are – a mom (parent), a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend.

That meant, while I worked all day, my evenings and weekends were swamped with the rest of life’s responsibilities and choices. While I like a few shows on TV, it’s never been my thing, mostly because I didn’t have time for it. I worked a lot of evenings, essentially any time that wasn’t family time.

I was beginning to feel like I couldn’t get anything accomplished, because I was so disorganized all the way around.

I knew I had to get a grip on all of it.

I was tired of working all hours. I was tired of trying to fit everything in, and I had too many things pulling me in different directions, that needed some control.

I started to search for planners and schedulers that I could use… and no matter what I tried, NOTHING worked. I bought the best one that seemed to work, and it still didn’t.

So the next year, in 2008, I refused to buy another planner that wouldn’t work for me, and I started creating my own.

To make a long story short, I’ve updated mine every year since, and started having people ask me to create ones for them, but they wanted different than I had.

The short of it is explained here in a teaser video I originally did, so you can get the main idea:

(HEADS UP: Yes, there are shutterstock watermarks. YES I PAID for these, I do have the proper licenses and can prove it - I simply haven't updated the video just yet with the unwatermarked images. That's why it hasn't released to the general public... plus the fact that I need to do a couple of updates to the year/date, means recreating the entire video. Shutterstock ALLOWS you to download "demo" versions of the images and video clips clarifying to you that it WILL show the watermark until you purchase and download the unwatermarked versions. (If you doubt, go try it).  So yes, I HAVE paid for them and can prove it, for anyone doubting ;). It'll be updated soon).  For those doubting... below is a screenshot of a portion of the purchase history. I scribbled through so no one tries to steal the actual images. And obviously there's more, but I don't think I need to show ALL. If Shutterstock asks - I have proof.

Interesting concept, wasn’t it? Now while I created that project in 2015, I never did release it… for a key reason:

If you didn’t figure it out, here was my problem:

I had the templates.

I had everything set up…. Or so I thought.

But I realized, I would have had to literally create and change each and every file, for each and every person.

It sounded fantastic… but it wasn’t as easy as I’d originally thought.

Software – which I usually used Publisher, wasn’t as flexible as I needed it to be. It’s crazy flexible in most ways…

But if a person wanted say the title of a heading changed on every page, it would take me a good 15-30 minutes to change the entire document.

You see, while Microsoft Word and Powerpoint allow you to do a search and replace on the entire document… Publisher says it does – but it actually only does the search and replace on THAT page. So if you have 250 pages… you have to manually change each page.

And if you delete all the pages so that you have one as a template, and replicate that to the number of needed pages – that’s the fast solution… except it’s not a solution if the person wants a dated version, because you have to manually enter the date.

If I had hundreds of orders, it would take me *days* to customize for each person.

Even if I switched it to Powerpoint, that still didn’t have the entire flexibility I had with Publisher, which is why I used Publisher… and Powerpoint still didn’t have the date issue solved. Even without the date issue, Publisher would still have taken me 5-10 minutes MINIMUM for each person for simple changes.

That was a nightmare waiting to happen… because what if the offer I was planning to launch on Kickstarter, surprised me and did *thousands* of sales – as in thousands of people? It was definitely possible. NO ONE had anything like this.

I realized I would NOT have been able to handle it, even with staff. ​For that reason, I did not release it to the public at that time.

I thought about it again last year when I had an even larger amount of people asking me for it. I started selling some of my planner and journal templates… and kept getting asked for other changes.

And that’s when I had the idea last year to turn it into a different kind of system.

I loved the concept of Teespring and Gearbubble. In case you aren’t familiar with the concepts, they are print on demand marketplaces.

The quick explanation is, you can go to one of those sites, create a product – for example a Mug, upload your image to that mug, set your pricing, and put it up for sale. When a customer buys it, Gearbubble processes the order, creates the product and ships it to the customer, then sends you your part of the profit.

Last year, I had so many asking me to release my custom planner project as I said, and one day it hit me that I could create a similar system as Gearbubble, but for planner and journal type products.

​Yes, you can create a book on Createspace and sell it on Amazon… as long as it’s perfect bound.

​Yes, you can create a journal or planner and sell it on Etsy. You have to print and ship it yourself, unless you sell digital downloads.

I will add – yes you can do it to a point with CafePress and Zazzle… but they limit what you can truly do and change, AND how much you can earn.

And yes, you can go to lulu.com and do it – but again, you’re limited in what types of products, and, the amount of income you can earn. Because yes, each of these sites takes a solid commission out of your earnings.

BUT NO ONE had a platform like Gearbubble for these types of products.

I love GB, but they have a completely different set of products, and I’d never try to compete with that. So last year, I decided to launch a site called CreateDash. (That was my attempt at a short but catchy name… more on that in a moment).

The concept was a person could come along, take one of my templates, customize parts of it and put it up for sale.

But that’s when the nightmares began, in multiple ways.

I’m not going to get into all the hassles we had with the software. Suffice to say (and for those who were following us last year), the software we used had to be completely scrapped, and a whole new system had to be put in place.

I got new programmers, and they’ve worked diligently to get everything running the way it should be.

The way our members expected. The way sellers would want it to be, and the way buyers would want it to be.

The concept SHOULD be simple and straightforward:

  • Choose the product type to create – i.e., a journal with the number of pages for the product.
  • Upload the front and back cover images for people to see what it looks like.
  • Upload the product’s complete PDF
  • Set pricing and descriptions of the products
  • Launch and earn.

Now many of you know that we’ve been working on this project to get it finished as it should be.

And I’m excited to say – FINALLY – we’re almost ready to go.

Right now, the only thing I have to complete ​is our server upgrade which should be done any day!

More on that in a moment.

In order to launch this, we also rebranded it to be the most effective:

Introducing, MyCustomJournal.

While it covers other products as well – it’s very descriptive and straightforward. As my original project of my custom planner started with – who doesn’t want a custom product??

Ok -  so this has been broken into 3 new phases. Let me explain this.

The first phase is our main system, where you can upload your products for sale in our marketplace.

The second phase is our enhanced system, which I’ll talk more about in a moment.

The third phase will be where we take the 2nd phase into a completely new level that *NO ONE* has.

So let’s cover what you can do with each phase so that you can have a solid understanding of each part.


Right now, ​training is complete - and members have access!

​The seller's community has already been turned on so you can learn how to upload your products. And I was about to turn it on... we had one little glitch: our server kept crashing. (Bots attempting to attack/​overload the server, and our server is several years old and just can't handle it as it used to).

​SO - The *O​NLY* thing we're waiting for in Phase One - in the next week or so, our server guys are moving us to a newer/more powerful server. (Today is November 21st as I'm writing this, and we expect this willl be done ASAP, but I don't have the firm date just yet).

As SOON as the server move is done, we go live! I simply don't want to turn it on to customers when it will be forced to go down for a few hours during the final switch.

Therefore, I expect Stage 1-1: On T​uesday ​December 3rd (or earlier), I will be turning on ​the FULL SITE LAUNCH​!  (You can access the sellers area NOW!)

Yes, we have our Facebook group. This however, will help those who DON’T want to be on Facebook, have complete access to discussions as well.

Th​e Seller’s community (already available to you) will also contain your training. T​raining WILL be added on an ongoing basis, so right away I will warn that it won’t have a huge amount in it “just yet” – but it will be definitely what is needed to get using the system. This will continously be added to and updated.

Your training will include how to access your personal seller’s account inside the main system so you can start creating products.

YES the cart opens for everyone just a few days ​after ​our server upgrade is complete!

** This is going to be the big roll out phase to the public to be able to buy YOUR products**

That gives everyone a ​couple of days of playing with the system, and helping us find any other bugs that might be there, or small improvements that need to be made​.

So to recap:

​IMMEDIATELY – you are ability to join the community and get your training started.

In​ about ​a week to a week and a half – ​your ability to actually officially SELL products will be turned on.

That means, you can be creating and selling journals and planners – and so much more – within about 10 days!

Before I explain Phase 2 and 3… I know the question some are asking is what are some products beyond journals and planners?

Here’s the list we’ve got so far:

  • Journals
  • Planners
  • Notebooks
  • Diaries
  • Guidebooks
  • Workbooks
  • Magazine style books/reports! (Yes!)
  • Photobooks / Coffee table books
  • Coloring books
  • Cookbooks
  • Puzzle books like crosswords, Sudoku etc.
  • Wall calendars

There are two others I’m working on getting but keeping that off the list for the moment because they require a different printer.

Think about it:

If you’re already creating mugs, shirts, pillow cases and other products on Gearbubble, why not add a journal to match? (btw – it would make an *awesome* gift set to put up a mug with the matching journal or planner or something like that if you have your own store!)

The paper quality is great – after a lot of testing and feedback, we now use strictly 24lb paper for the inside pages, which for those international is 90gsm. It has no show through or bleed through.

At the moment, these books are all spiral bound, with the exception of calendars.

We were going to use discs like the Arc system by staples, and while I did reach the manufacturer, there’s too much added costs involved to bring them in from Europe where the manufacturer is at this time, so I’ve decided to keep that for a future upgrade option.

Some important features you’ll want to know:

1. The main system will have you simply choose the type of product you are creating, with the number of pages in the book. 

2. ALL books are spiral bound at this time.

3. This system allows you to create the system on your OWN computer – instructions will be provided in the training area – so that you simply upload one single PDF of the product.

4. You will have the ability to upload the images of your front and back covers, and a screenshot of an inside pdf page. (Just like a Gearbubble product)

5. You will have the ability to set the name, price, and description of your products.

6. At this time, all books are full size, 8.5”x11, and either just before we open the cart in full or shortly after, you’ll be able to sell compact editions, which are 5.5”x8.5”.

NO we do not and will not have 6x9 or other sizes at this time. If you want to do 8x10, that’s fine – just know that obviously the pages are being printed on 8.5x11 and no price changes will occur. Why won’t we do 6x9 when it might be popular? Simple. We’re saving your budget. I’ll talk more about this in the members area.

7. What if you have no idea how to create a product? We’ll be supplying some base templates that you’ll be able to customize on your own computer to make a complete product. **This will be in the training area, I'm working on uploading these shortly**

8. Your covers will always be in full color, with a special laminated TYPE coating, but it’s not the traditional lamination we were originally going to do. This is so much better.

9. Your inside products will be printed in Black and White – UNLESS you choose a full color inside. If you choose full color, the pricing goes up drastically. More details on all that inside.


10. Personalization: this will be a feature we will turn on in a couple of weeks after we make sure everything else is running smoothly with the cart open. This will allow your customers to add their name to a product if they wish (and if you allow it).

There will be more features coming as we go, but these are the main ones for now.

​But how easy is it to​ get your products up for sale? Watch this 1 minute video:

Yes, obviously we're still making a few tweaks to the layout of the descriptions​ but it'll all be ready to go shortly.

So let’s talk about what Phase 2 is. This is where this system goes BEYOND anything out there… AND anything ANY of us have ever expected. 

Phase 2 is our new enhanced system. It does not replace the main one, it’s a separate part, kind of like GearbubblePro is to Gearbubble. Enhanced and different functionality and features.

What if you could create your product from inside the system… and then let your customers actually edit that product to fit what THEY want!

What if you could let your customers change the front and back covers to a picture of their own, rather than one you supplied?

What if you could let your customers change the name on the product, to really truly personalize it from just adding a name to formatting the name, or more?

What if you could let your customers set their OWN start and end dates – supposing if you created a planner, that they could actually date the product themselves?

What if you could let your customers instantly switch to a Monday week start verses a Sunday week start, WITHOUT having you create both products manually?

What if you created a journal, and you could let your customers add a box, or rename a box on the page to something they wanted instead of what you called it? For example, suppose you named a box “Gratitude for the day”… but they wanted to use that box for say, “homework assignments”? And you could let them change it?

What if your customer wanted to add more pages to the back of their planner or journal without having to do it manually?

What if, you created a recipe book, but your customer wanted to switch out some of the recipes for others perhaps because they’re allergic to some foods?

YES, this will ALL be possible!

You will have the ability to let your CUSTOMERS make far more changes and choices than even YOU created!

Now I touched on them a bit a moment ago, but let’s look at a couple of more detailed situations:

Suppose you created a series of cookbooks. You have hundreds of recipes… but one person only wants specific recipes like gluten free, but main dishes and not desserts. Or they want a combination of main dishes AND desserts. And definitely NOT with something they hate, like say cottage cheese or zucchini or certain types of seafood they may be allergic to?

Sorry – using this example because there are certain foods I just don’t like and feel like they’re wasted space in a cookbook ;)… imagine the food you dislike most here if this was you.

One option is you create say 25 variations of your cookbooks… ok, that’s doable, except you have NO idea what a person doesn’t like, *OR* is allergic to!

But what if… you could let your customer literally pick and choose, drag and drop the recipes – only the recipes that THEY want, and then order to book?

Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

But here’s the best part….

What if… they could PAY YOU for the access to be able to do that?

What?? Wow that’s cool right? I would not only pay for something like that – years ago I spent *WEEKS* creating a cookbook compilation of all of my favorite recipes to give to one of my best friends as a wedding gift. That was 20 years ago. She still has it, and she still uses it all the time. And then I tweaked it for me, added more recipes in, and there isn’t one single recipe in there that I wouldn’t cook or bake, and I have literally cooked or baked everything in that cookbook several times.

Can other cookbook creators say that? I don’t think so.

Let’s take for an example something other than cookbooks.

What if you could virtually license, anything you have for people to use YOUR designs (think journals or coloring images) on products as THEY want it, and THEY can customize any way THEY want… and YOU get paid for it (and the recognition?)

What if you had hundreds of coloring images? Sure you can create and sell the books done and as is, and I highly recommend that as an option.

But wouldn’t it be more powerful, if your customers could take the images you provide, and they use our system to select the SPECIFIC images or types they want, for a TRULY customized book?

While a lot of people like adult coloring, not everyone wants mandella type images. Some prefer animals… others prefer flowers… others – like myself – prefer a combination. But forced to buy an entire book for one type, well, honestly I don’t very often.

To choose the images is hugely powerful. (That’s what I ended up doing for myself last fall – when I had a few spare minutes LOL).

Have you ever looked at a coffee table book or photo book, and said you like half the pictures, but not the other half, and that can deter you from buying it?

Well what if… you could create a series of books with your photographs, but let your customers choose WHICH pictures they want from your collection for a truly personal book??

What if… you were an artist who likes to draw kids type cartoons or artwork?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could let parents come in and create a truly personalized story book for their kids, by letting THEM pick the images, and maybe even the storyline that go in?  Don’t you think parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents would pay a premium for that ability?? Of course they would.

What if you were like me – and you had templates you wanted to customize… and you did – but maybe your customers want even more customizations?

Like my exact example:

What if a person wanted to change the headings?

Or what if they wanted to add pages, such as goal sheets or soccer schedules, something that fits THEIR life but that you can’t personally guess to add without entirely customizing each document? Remember I charge $200 and up for custom planners, and there’s typically a lot of time involved in this.

Most customers won’t pay for that level of customization.

But imagine this scenario:

Let’s say you create a 90-day planner for weight loss, that includes motivational quotes that you have added. You have 5 people interested in buying it immediately… but now you start getting email inquiries.

Person 1 needs it to have additional tracking spots for say vitamins or medications they need to take daily.

Person 2 wants to have motivational quotes THEY choose, not the ones YOU chose, in their edition.

Person 3 is happy with the quotes you chose, but they want full color on the inside, and are willing to pay for that.

Person 4 wants NO quotes, they’d rather have that space for appointment reminders.

Person 5 wants to put coloring images in that spot you’d originally created for quotes… AND they want it dated, starting on a specific date.

You would have to create 5 different products to satisfy these customers, which is great for versatility… but what about the next 100 or even 1000 people who also love your design, but want their OWN customized choices?

This is EXACTLY what I went through, and still go through when I create my journal and planner templates that I sell in bundles.

Wouldn’t it be really awesome if you could have a system that did that… but that you still didn’t have to do the printing??

THIS is the level NO ONE has that we’re adding.

Complete game changer. I know, I really hate that phrase because it feels overused… but it really is unique for the marketplace as NOTHING exists like this, except people ARE asking for it.

So let’s be clear here.

Phase 1 lets you start creating and selling planners, journals and so on just like how it works to customize a shirt or mug on Gearbubble.

If that’s all you want – that’s fantastic, we’re opening this up in 2 weeks to you, guaranteed. (Or earlier!)

This lets you start selling products by​ December ​4th, so you can build your offers and start earning money.

Phase 2 arrives in roughly 4-5 weeks (or less).  Phase 2 is the beta testing phase of this entirely new add on that lets you create essentially your own “document creation center”!

Once you help us play and test it all out, then we roll out to Phase 3, which is the live environment to everyone (with even further enhancements)!

That means, you can load in your styles and let people join to customize even further every detail you allow.

Don’t make a mistake into thinking this is just putting a name on a product for personalization. It’s not – That’s going to be available in phase 1 after we turn the system on to the public in the first place.

And when they hit submit and place their order, we print and fulfill it for you, as always!

Did I mention, this is drag and drop software?? Yes, your customers will be able to either select with checkboxes, or drag and drop (where applicable of course), add dates with a click of a few buttons (once), so it’s at a crazy extreme level of customization!

And YOU choose what they can customize… and it’s all 100% automated, except for the part where your customer does the input of choices of course.

So think about how you create a shirt or mug on Gearbubble right? And in our phase 1 system.

You create the product, the cover, the inside and the customer pays for it.

But with the NEW system in phase 2…

You create the product – the cover – and just like HOW you created the cover and the inside? The customer goes through a similar process to customize for themselves!

Very simple, easy to do.

If they can click a mouse or move and drag it, they can work with it!

​And YOU Get paid premium pricing for this at whatever you want.

And it’s not just for the every day person… it could be used by businesses as well.

Think of a business who you might want to create a series of say Hair Salon appointment books… a lot of these salons are chains. But each salon IN the chain might want something different (location address, cover, specifics inside) – you could do this for local businesses as well, just like how businesses buy shirts for their brand, they could come along and CUSTOMIZE your products for THEIR brands too!

And you get paid premium pricing for it.

But wait. What if… you could take it EVEN FURTHER than that?

How?? Seriously? How can we take it further than that??

​If you’ve been online or on Facebook for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard that you should create a membership system right? Something that contains recurring billing so that you have predictable income.

Now… ​What if you could take that entire part of the system – the customizations – and turn it into a recurring membership system??

Think about this.

Most people customize a product once right?

What if you could create a type of subscription box that let’s them customize their product every month for a small monthly fee (plus cost of product of course)?

But… beyond that – what if you wanted to create something a little different, like a newsletter or magazine – but didn’t want to have a ton of set up involved?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create your own – drag and drop – right within the system so you don’t have to worry about knowing any other special software?

What if… you wanted to offer the ability for people to access and use your system to customize anything they want – or even download digital editions… Every. Single. Month?

YES, this phase will also introduce not only the ability to have a subscription box which is a physically mailed product every month or every 2-3 months according to how you set it up, but it’ll also provide the ability to deliver DIGITAL products each and every month!

YOU charge for it! YOU get paid!

To be clear:

Phase 3 allows you to in essence to have your own private members area complete with the tools for customers to make any changes they want – AND PAY YOU FOR IT! Yes, you can charge a premium fee – like say $10-$25 (or whatever you want) – for the ability for your customer to go through this level of customization.

You know all those people selling printables on Etsy? They’re great right?

But if a person wants to customize it… they can’t unless they recreate it, which then takes future sales away from you.

Now – you can allow people to fully customize say a monthly food diary – pay you for it each and every month, and download a full 30 day copy every month!! AND you can have it dated (and remain that way) so it encourages them to buy for specific months!

Isn’t that incredible?

NO one has anything like this.

If you want to do this on your own you totally can…. But you’ll not only be spending the money on the member’s area, set up of it all, script installs and payment connections… but you’d also have to have the drag and drop system created (which is hugely expensive).

With Phase 2 of this system, you’ll be able to participate in the beta testing of this, WITHOUT all the extra costs!

And Phase 3 is where it goes out of beta, comes together, and introduces a fully enhanced marketplace with your own customizable members area, complete with statistics and everything! Here are just a few screenshots from the system:

​Phase 2 dashboard

​Create project stages

​Create Project

​Create project stages

​Again, this is a very simple view, I can't show the rest just yet. But you can see the capabilities... even being able to customize EVERY single page in a product! (i.e., Let people add their own daily quotes, etc!)

Did I mention you can have the enhanced system as private label, so no one has to know you’re using OUR system?

Yep. That will be an option eventually as well.

So here’s the release dates and processes.

Phase 1 begins on ​TO THE PUBLIC By Tuesday December 4th. You’ll be added into the new Seller’s training system IMMEDIATELY (TODAY if you wish), and you can begin learning how the whole system works.

Phase 2 begins in an estimated 4-5 weeks. (I’m saying that. The programmers are saying it should be sooner, but I’d prefer to err on the longer side). Phase 2 is really short to be honest, it's mainly a testing phase so you can see everything, play with it, make sure everything works as it's supposed to.

​And Phase 3 begins after about 2 weeks of testing and fixes or improvements – then it comes out of beta and the enhanced marketplace goes into place.

YES YOU DO GET ACCESS to start using it, it simply means the additional features of phase 2 and 3 will gradually roll out to you as we go.

After that, we know there will be enhancements of course - everyone always asks for new features (although we're trying to cover as many as possible at the start). So like any quality project, enhancements will be ongoing based on YOUR feedback and requests.

I know this can be a huge system, and the project is already in progress.

​Realistically you could open YOUR own ‘customized product’ system, selling directly to your customers, letting them customize (but not sell to others, that’s not part of this). So you have the market for anything you create…. But your customers will LOVE you for giving you these customizations beyond anything else out there.

I’m sure by now your mind is racing with all the ideas. I’ve barely touched on the possibilities for you.

The main system IS done – I’m literally finishing the training areas now, with

~ and this is new ~

A whole new members community! Yes, you’ll even be able to connect with others within the system! (I'm hoping to turn this on for you very early next week)

So now please pay attention to this part so you’ll know how you can participate.

To really get the system out there, and make it the best possible one out there with features everyone wants but no one has and complete the last few parts of programming (we’re just about finished with phase 2)…

I need to have a good number of members to help us beta test as we roll this out for proper testing.

This will get the public familiar with the system, buying YOUR products, and it allows you the ability to earn money and build your followers for when you’re ready to be part of Phase 2.

It also allows us to build this even faster. I gave the programmers a bit of an incentive to get this done faster than the scheduled time frame. (Now that we’re past the other issues in the main system – they are working to finish up phase 2).

I’m sure you can see how this will create an entirely new level of opportunity – and income for you.

​Sidenote... In case you didn't realize it...

In case you didn’t realize it, what we’ve just created is a system – like no one else – for a type of consumable product!

Consumable products are items that people USE in their every day life, and need to replace.

I’m not talking about the occasional mug they could have for years. I have some from when I got married 28 years ago, still being used. That’s not consumable.

I’m talking about journals, notebooks, coloring books, puzzle books, planners – when people fill these up or the time/year ends – they need new!

And they’ll buy repeatedly – especially from ​stores and products they love.

Add in personalization to the fullest extent (customizations!) and they’ll likely be repeat buyers forever :)  And the best part is, People buy these products ALL year round.

So – ​earlier this year I’d opened up a small round of Founding member spots for just a few days. Since it’s been closed, I’ve been asked repeatedly if I would consider opening more spots.

We weren’t ready for new members, and quite honestly, I didn’t want to reopen it with the issues we previously had.

Now that we are about ready to go, we need to finish up the minimum number for beta testing to help ensure the rollout goes as smoothly as possible.

That means, we have only a few BETA spots remaining, so this is your last opportunity to join before we turn it on ​December 4th.

​Here are the options available to you now:

​Option 1: Premium Member (Main System Phase 1)

You get:

  • Preferred pricing (Earn additional $2)
  • No handling fees added on
  • Preferred access to a private group exclusively for Premium members
  • Drop shipping membership – access to our API when it releases which lets you create 2 stores and sell up to 4,000 units (products) per month at no extra costs.
  • Yes you’ll be able to create your own store
  • Additional templates not available to free members
  • (And more announced soon)

​This level is available for $49 per month, or $499 per year for those who are not in this level.  Main system is phase 1 – it does not include phases 2 and 3.

But you won't pay that now... so keep reading

​Option ​2: ​Enterprise Level Member - Phase 2 & 3

You get:

  • Everything that Premium level gets PLUS
  • Auto-approved and set up fee WAVED to participate in Phase 2
  • BETA access to Phase 2 as soon as it turns on to help us test and make suggestions to improve the sytsem (if needed), and start releasing products & memberships in this way
  • Brandable members area (Phase 2) so you can let people come in and customize your products, then send them through the order system for us to print and ship to them. (Meaning you can hide our name completely if you wish)
  • Ability to create and sell 50* customizable projects in the Phase 2 system (unlimited products with minimal customization in the main system)
  • YOU control how many changes people can make, and what extra fees you want to charge
  • UNLIMITED members per project
  • Enhanced membership system (Phase 3) so you can sell subscription based products – digital or physical – as well! (pornography, illegal or unethical type content of course are NEVER allowed in our system)
  • The ability to have us process the orders OR for you to add your own payment account so customers pay you directly (Phase 3). You will need to handle all support of course for your members. (As in, if they ask a question, you answer them directly).
  • There will be a built-in helpdesk implemented (eventually!) that your customers will be able to submit tickets to you for help if they need it.
  • (And more announced soon)

​​AT PUBLIC RELEASE there will be:

  • A set up fee of a one time $100​ to brand the user area to you
  • ​$197 per month (You only need 20 people buying at $10 every month to cover your costs)
  • If you prefer annual, this cost will be $1997 per year.

But you won't pay that now... so keep reading

​Option ​​3: ​Ultimate Level Member - Phase 2 & 3

You get:

  • Everything that Premium level gets PLUS
  • Auto-approved and set up fee WAVED to participate in Phase 2
  • BETA access to Phase 2 as soon as it turns on to help us test and make suggestions to improve the sytsem (if needed), and start releasing products & memberships in this way
  • Brandable members area (Phase 2) so you can let people come in and customize your products, then send them through the order system for us to print and ship to them. (Meaning you can hide our name completely if you wish)
  • Ability to create and sell 250* customizable projects in the Phase 2 system (unlimited products with minimal customization in the main system)
  • YOU control how many changes people can make, and what extra fees you want to charge
  • UNLIMITED members per project
  • Enhanced membership system (Phase 3) so you can sell subscription based products – digital or physical – as well! (pornography, illegal or unethical type content of course are NEVER allowed in our system)
  • The ability to have us process the orders OR for you to add your own payment account so customers pay you directly (Phase 3). You will need to handle all support of course for your members. (As in, if they ask a question, you answer them directly).
  • There will be a built-in helpdesk implemented (eventually!) that your customers will be able to submit tickets to you for help if they need it.
  • (And more announced soon)

​​AT PUBLIC RELEASE there will be:

  • A set up fee of a one time $100​ to brand the user area to you
  • ​$497 per month (You only need 50 people buying at $10 every month to cover your costs)
  • If you prefer annual, this cost will be $4997 per year.

But you won't pay that now... so keep reading

​This Special Deal is ONLY Available for
​​a very short time. Be forewarned that the price WILL go up by December 4th ​(or sooner).


​I reserve the right to increase the price back to its regular pricing, so please be aware of that. Sale pricing will NOT be held, and in fact will likely rise every few days until launch turns on.

​Premium Member

​Main System

​​$49 $29 per month
OR for a VERY limited time, $499 $2​97/year

  • ​Preferred pricing
  • ​No Handling Fees
  • ​Preferred access to private groups
  • ​Drop Shipping Membership
  • ​Create your own Store
  • check
    ​Additional Templates not available to free members
  • check
    SPECIAL PRICING ​EXPLAINED: This is exclusively ​until we launch in full to the public. After that, the price will rise.
  • check
    YES your special pricing is locked in upon renewal providing your account remains active.
MyCustomJournal Premium Seller

MyCustomJournal Premium Seller Annual
Ultimate member

​All Phases

$​497  $147/mo
OR for a VERY limited time,
$4997  $​997/yr

  • ​Preferred pricing
  • ​No Handling Fees
  • ​Preferred access to private groups
  • ​Drop Shipping Membership
  • ​Create your own Store
  • check
    ​Additional Templates not available to free members
  • check
    ​Ability to create and sell 250500 projects in Phase 2
  • check
    ​UNLIMITED Members per project
  • check
    ​Enhanced Membership system of Phase 3
  • check
    ​Exclusive Templates
  • check
    ​Set up fee WAIVED
  • check
    ​And MORE coming!
  • check
    SPECIAL PRICING ​EXPLAINED: This is exclusively ​until we launch in full to the public. After that, the price will rise. ​ You not only get special pricing, PLUS we give you 3 extra months FREE! (it 'may' show as a trial in jvzoo but it's not, it's simply how we have to show the ​extended time for you) This allows you immediate access to the main marketplace, and the extended time for the beta releases to be completed of the additional features.
  • check
    YES your special pricing is locked in upon renewal providing your account remains active.
MyCustomJournal Ultimate Seller Monthly

MyCustomJournal Ultimate SellerAnnual

​But why are they monthly or yearly?

​A few reasons.

First - monthly / yearly allows us to continue to build on the site and add new features as you want them. We do not make much (barely $1, and that won't cover fees) on the products that are printed.

​Other companies add a big chunk to their profits - by adding either the cost of the products, ​by increasing the shipping costs, or they take a % of a commission off the top before you even get paid.

We don't do that. The prices we post are the lowest we can get (and they may adjust even lower based on volume as we go along).  

We do NOT take any commissions off your products. We do NOT add extra fees onto shipping - if we have a shipping cost posted, it's what we pay. (We're hoping to continually improve those rates as well). 

So by having the membership as a monthly or annual option, it allows us to continuously pay for the servers that support the site, the staff that is/will be involved in supporting you and your customers, and it allows us to develop further for your benefits.

​One time costs do NOT support the infrastructure and programming required to handle this system. How many times have you bought something "one time" only to find it gone after 6-12 months (if you're lucky it lasts that long).

We don't do that to our customers - and I assure you I have zero intentions of going anywhere. I've been working online FULL TIME since 1997. Yep-that's over 21 years! (Not many can say that, can they?)  And I'm still here, so don't worry about that. I'm here for the continuous long haul. ​

But it still costs, and I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't provide a proper way to support it.

Now – I’m making this VERY clear: This is your ONLY chance to get these levels with this special pricing. ​When I start opening it up to others, when I start paying for ads or getting affiliates to run webinars – who earn commissions for that – there will NEVER be ​this pricing again​. That's the special you're getting.


That means it’s give and take for both of us:

You get amazing special pricing – but you realize that we may still have some kinks to work out (with your help!) – and that you’re here to help us do that.

We may not have many, or any at all – but – there may be, and that’s the point of this special sale.

You help us ensure it’s working smoothly (and test as new features keep being rolled out) – and in turn, you get incredible special pricing that won’t be here again.

While the system will be available to begin selling within just a few days – please remember that we will be adding new templates and features EVERY single week. So if there’s something not there on day one – know that they’re being added.

If you change a level in the future, you will have to pay the posted rate at that time – these special prices WILL NOT be held.

Here’s another BONUS:

Some of the templates will be reserved for specific levels. There will be some I hold back that are only released to those in the Enterprise and Ultimate memberships, specifically because of the designs and how they work.

Remember – not everything is all about planners and journals.

I assure you, the potential of Phase 2 and 3 blows everything out of the water that’s online already. And it can be applied to almost ANY type of book or digital product you can think of.

And here’s the key:

YOU don’t have to try to figure out how to program.

YOU don’t have to try to figure out something difficult.

YOU don’t have to try to PAY someone tens of thousands to create this (because yeah, that’s what it costs).

Think about how any product you currently have on Gearbubble or Amazon or Etsy… can be complimented with any type of these product ideas like cookbooks or journals…

Think about how any product can be expanded upon.

Think about how, for just pennies verses the potential, how will it change your 2018 and upcoming 2019?

But think about this:

Imagine – IMAGINE – what will YOUR fall shopping season be like??

Because we WILL be fully 100% functional and just adding any further enhancements very shortly. That means – full blown potential ready to go for the biggest shopping time of the year.

Can you IMAGINE the sales potential you’ll have THIS YEAR, that ANYONE NOT using MyCustomJournal will miss out on?

The words innovative, revolutionary, game changer – are cliché and over used… and a lot of times, not applicable really.

But in this case – as I’m sure you’ll agree – they actually do apply.

​And YOU Can be RIGHT at the start of it to roll YOUR products out for sale.

So I challenge you now:

What is it YOU want to create?

What is it YOUR mind can come up with that this could work with?

You do NOT have to be techy AT ALL to do this, I’ve made that EXTREMELY clear to my programmers that it HAS to be VERY user friendly, all the way around.

I made them PROMISE that it will be drag and drop easy – yet SO tremendously powerful.

I truly believe like mugs and shirts, this will make a LOT of people hugely successful, no matter what level you join at.

In order to get in NOW - Remember​ this will absolutely have the membership prices rise once we turn it on to the public.

After that, the page locks (It’ll be available to you so you can remind yourself in future what you get of course)…

*IMPORTANT* After you have completed payment, make sure to click "Return to merchant" or let the system send you over automatically. ​You'll then get a notice within 2 business days (max) to create your seller training account with all instructions. If you have ANY problems or issues, please submit a support ticket from the link on your receipt OR at the link on the bottom of this page.

​So join now. 

​I hope I've spurred your brain with tremendous ideas, and I look forward to helping you make the rest of 2018 and all of 2019 and beyond FANTASTIC.


​​​For your success, 
Amber Jalink

​PS - there are ZERO upsells. What you see is what you get (and more) :)



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

​Why will is it monthly?

​Why Paid memberships when you can sell elsewhere free?

​What is drop shipping?

​Why does it seem like there's so "few" Projects in the Phase 2-3 levels vs being able to create unlimited products in the main system?

​Will there be free options for people to join?

​Why are we not opening up to free members yet?

​What happens if we go beyond the allowable number of products or sales?